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Nativity Scenes are one of the most common and traditional christmas decorations you see in homes and churches during the holiday season.

The Nativity Scene is a depiction of the birth or birthplace of Jesus. When Mary and Joseph were unable to find room at the inn, they stayed in a barn. They were visited by shepards and the wise men. Those figures along with animals are found in the Nativity Sets you see today.

The tradition of the Nativity Scene dates back to Germany in the 1600's.

Nativity Scenes are made out of different materials. You can get glass nativity sets, pewter nativity sets, wood nativity sets, porcelain nativity sets, wax nativity sets, plastic nativity sets, plaster nativity sets, ceramic nativity sets ....

You can get Nativity Scenes for every setting. Inside the home you can get tabletop nativity sets, mantel nativity scenes and outside you can get lifesize hand made nativity scenes from wood cutouts, lighted nativity scenes or an inflatable nativity scene just to name a few.

Many churches will put on a living Nativity Scene with real people reinacting the Nativity Scene. Some churches are known to have a drive thru Nativity Scene where visitors can stay in their cars and drive by and see all decorations.

Nativity Figurines come in all sizes. You can get miniature Nativity Sets or huge outdoor Nativity Scenes. You can also buy a musical nativity scene and a water globe nativity scene.

Precious Moments and Lenox have collectible Nativity Scenes. Jim Shore, Department 56, Hummel and Thomas Kinkade do as well.

Christmas art will always show a Nativity Scene.

The help children learn about the nativity scenes, they are often seen in coloring books and in pop out books.

The figures in most Nativity Sets are: Baby Jesus, Mary, Joseph, 3 Wise Men (3 Kings), Angel, Shepard holding a lamb, a donkey, ox and a lamb.

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