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Reasons why you might consider buying a real Christmas tree this year:  Real Christmas Trees are purchased by families who want to celebrate a traditional Christmas. The beauty and smell of a fresh Christmas tree brings holiday joy to a home. Having the whole family make a trip to a Christmas Tree Farm and select the family Christmas Tree is an annual holiday event for many families.  Buying a Real Christmas Tree helps your local economy and will help the enviroment when you recycle your Christmas tree. After Christmas, your real Christmas tree can be turn into mulch and put back in the garden and in coastal communities Christmas trees can be placed along the beach to help avoid beach erosion.  Still have questions like when do you buy your real christmas tree, how early can you buy a real christmas tree so it will last until christmas, when should i put up my real christmas tree, what types of real christmas trees will cause alergies, what type of real christmas tree is the best, how to keep a real christmas tree alive longer, how much water do you give a real christmas tree, how often do you water a real christmas tree, when should i buy a real christmas tree, what is better a real christmas tree or a fake one .. we can help find answers to these and more!

Christmas Trees Farms are located in all 50 states. Not only are the Christmas Tree Farms beautiful but they provide a refuge to wildlife during their growing process. Real Christmas Trees absorb carbon dioxide and emit fresh oxygen. Once the mature real Christmas trees are harvested, seedlings are planted in its place to grow new real Christmas trees.  Christmas Tree Farms cover approximately 1 million acres. There are about 15,000 Christmas tree growers in the US It takes many years for a Real Christmas Tree to become average size for families to enjoy.

The most popular - best selling Christmas Trees are:  Balsam Firs - dark green attractive shape with long lasting needles that have a nice fragrance  Douglas Firs - blue, dark green color with soft needles  The crushed needles give off a wonderful smell  Fraser Firs - dark green, flattened needles. Pyramid shape with strong branches and nice scent  Grand Firs - Needles have glossy dark green tops and white lines on underside. Crushed needles give off a citrus smell when crushed  Noble Firs - Has four sided needles that have a silver appearance. Short, stiff branches are good for heavy ornaments. Also used for wreaths, swags & garland  White Firs - Blue green needles. Tree has a nice shape and gives off an aroma of citrus.  Scotch Pines - Most common Christmas Tree with stiff branches and dark green needles. The tree is one of the long lasting Christmas trees. The Christmas tree needles will stay on even when the tree is dry. Tree has an open appearance for many ornaments.  Virginia Pines - Dark green needles in twisted pairs. Strong brances for heavier ornaments. This Christmas Tree has a strong pine scent. This is one of the most popular southern Christmas Trees.  White Pine - Little fragrance with slender branches